The Story of Eames Furniture

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Came across this great edit from @Treyratcliff about Charles Eames furniture with John and Marilyn Neuhart, authors of The Story of Eames Furniture. Thanks to Gestaltant.tvfor the edit.

Wodka Wars

VBS Vodka Wars

Just watched this short documentary on VBS about the Vodka Wars between Poland and Russia over the origin of Vodka. I haven’t been to Poland, but I went to Russia back in ’96. My impression of Russia at that time was that they pulled the wool over the world’s eyes. Their country was crumbling and falling apart. From this documentary I’d say they did it as well with the origin of Vodka.

Breaking Bad Addiction

I’ve been on hiatus the past couple of weeks due to an addiction to Breaking Bad. It’s not like The Wire which takes 5 episodes to get into, rather you’re hooked at the first episode. The only problem now is all the 1970’s RVs parked in front of the hotels in my neighborhood are suspect. Especial the one for sale whose selling point says… Makes a great “office”.

Honey Badger… So Fierce

Ok… the Honey Badger is fierce… I’m jumping on the bandwagon late according to Kate, but it’s amazing so I had to post it. Enjoy.


If you haven’t seen the show Portlandia on IFC this winter you missed out. The 6 episode series is done. It was created by Saturday Night Live performer Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein from the female band Sleater Kinney. I hope they come back with more episodes because six is not enough. Using Special Agent Dale Cooper as Portland’s mayor is brilliant; but how’s the coffee and pie in Portland?
Put a bird on it!

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is the first full length feature film by Australian director David Michod. The film won the 2010 Sundance World Jury Cinema Award and is an excellent dark drama set in the underworld of Melbourne Australia. It’s about a crime family that isn’t glorified and feels authentic. The film holds a tension throughout the entire plot that keeps you wondering where it will end up.

The Lottery

The Lottery is a documentary about the battle between Charter and Public Schools in Harlem NY. The film stirred debate between Kate and I, yet we were on the same side and felt the documentary fell short as it only followed parents desiring better opportunities for their children. Yes they did provide the perspective of Teacher Union leaders, but it seems that any school whether it’s a Charter or Public School is going to perform better if it’s filled with children from families who desire and provide the discipline for a quality education. Of course Kate and I don’t have kids so what do we know?


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